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Located in Guarulhos - a city with an expressive industrial park and privileged location for multimodal logistics solutions - and 20 km from São Paulo, the largest industrial and commercial center of the country, TECA GRU is the largest airport logistics complex in Latin America and plays an important role in Brazilian logistics, connecting 34 countries, all capitals and major Brazilian cities with more than 720 daily flights operated by 40 national and international airlines.

Covering an area of 97.000 m², GRU Airport Cargo has product traffic from various industries including electronics, pharmaceutical, textile, food & beverage, automotive parts and accessories. Furthermore, the location in Guarulhos facilitates access to major highways which connect the airport to the rest of the country. The offer of daily regular flights also ensures greater capacity and efficiency in freight transportation.

Investments in GRU Airport Cargo, which have already begun, will total R$ 45 million, geared towards expansion and improvement of airport infrastructure, as well as increase in capacity and efficiency for freight shipping.


GRU Airport Cargo can safely, quickly and efficiently transport the most complex products imported by air, from any industry, such as technology, automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical and wholesale trade in general.

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GRU Airport Cargo is responsible for the largest volume of Brazilian exports by air, connecting Brazil to several countries. It is also a passage way for exported cargo, and daily processes aeronautical pallets, ensuring flexibility and security in the export process.

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Companies operate in bounded warehouses dedicated to express cargo import and export and are responsible for obtaining clearance from the customs authorities, and for door-to-door pick-up and delivery of cargo and packages to customers.

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Domestic Cargo
GRU Airport Cargo offers airlines with domestic cargo transportation services, the necessary infrastructure for cargo receiving, sorting, unitization / breakdown, shipping preparation, distribution and delivery to their customers.

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Gru Armazenamento3Adapting the layout of the import and export warehouses, expansion of the temperature controlled area, among others, are all part of the major ongoing investments in the warehouse infrastructure.

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Gru TecnologiaThe computerized systems enable full management of the entire receiving, sorting, storing, handling, cargo release and billing process; and is compliant with the various customs procedures of the Customs Authority.

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