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The current warehouse capacity of GRU Airport Cargo is distributed as follows: 

The computerized systems of GRU Airport Cargo allow full management of the processes of receiving, sorting, storing, handling, cargo clearance and billing of services, and are compliant with the various customs regulations of the Customs Authority.

Cargo units stored in the system receive a barcode label which contains its main information. This tool aims to automate and keep updated cargo location within the warehouse, and thus makes the process of moving and locating much easier and quicker.

Professionals, equipped with optical readers, move cargo from a specific sector and then "unload" the information into the CMS, this way the physical location of the cargo is mapped. This system reduces the waiting time for cargo retrieval and the possibility of cargos getting lost within the terminals.

Most cargo is stored in the stacker, which is comprised of vertical lifts controlled by a computerized system that enables moving the cargo without manual intervention.

One of the investments planned by the new administration is doubling the amount of cargo outputs from the stackers (Nine outputs for local clearance - DI and one for customs transit - DTA) which will increase its handling capacity and speed, installing new X-ray equipment and the implementation of a new operating system for the warehouse.


Gru ExportacaoThe TECA GRU is responsible for the largest volume of Brazilian exports by air, connecting Brazil with 27 countries. Furthermore,
is a free passageway of export cargo, with daily processing of aircraft pallets, ensuring
flexibility and security in the export process.

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Gru Armazenamento3Storage at the GRU Cargo Terminal follows criteria such as weight, dimensional weight, packaging, phytosanitary or type of cargo restrictions, both for import and export.

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