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International express shipments (courier) are documents or international packages, transported and cleared under a specific customs regime (Normative Instruction RFB nº 1.073 , of October 1 , 2010), exclusive for  companies that offer International Express door-to-door Transport
 Generally, the main features and differences of such shipping service in relation to imported or exported cargo are:

  • - It cannot have a commercial destination; there is no foreign exchange coverage in the transaction.
  • - The value, quantity and types of products are limited by the specific legislation of the country of origin and destination.
  • - Quick clearance and delivery of shipments, and the convenience of door-to-door service to the sender or recipient.
  • - Services such as pick-up, transport, customs clearance and delivery, must be offered by a company whose main business activity is international express air shipping.

The express shipment containing items subject to specific controls will be submitted by the international express transportation company to the respective governmental agencies, before initiating customs clearance for import or export. The express delivery can be blocked by the Customs Authority if any irregularity or breach of legislation is identified. When a shipment is blocked, the operational procedures, as well as tariffs, will be established in accordance with ANAC Decision 66, which means that it will be treated as import or export cargo, following regular procedure.

TECA GRU has exclusive bonded warehouses for import and export customs clearance of this kind of shipment. This is the operational area for courier companies responsible for customs clearance, cargo pick-up and door-to-door distribution to their customers.

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Gru Exportacao

TECA GRU is responsible for the largest volume of Brazilian exports by air, connecting Brazil to 29 countries. It is also a passage way for exported cargo, and daily processes aeronautical pallets, ensuring flexibility and security in the export process.

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Gru Armazenamento3

Storage at the GRU Cargo Terminal follows criteria such as weight, dimensional weight, packaging, phytosanitary or type of cargo restrictions, both for import and export.

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